Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bluebird, Insulator and Wildflower Zip Pouches

I have been going through my drawings this year for a new ebook I'm working on and I found this little bluebird drawing I did early in the year. I want to do more birds now.

My son found an insulator and I saw it in the garage and decided to draw it for a challenge drawing for myself. I wanted to capture the top inside where it attached to the pole and the transparent glass effect. I thought I didn't do too bad.

I've been printing my drawings on fabrics this year and have been sewing my samples into things. I made some small zip pouches out of some of them. I love how the fabric looks sewn up. These fabrics are from my Wildflowers collection.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Basil, Tree Branch and Pink Petunias

I used to grow a lot of different varieties of basil and dry it every season. I liked to buy packets of seeds, make my own little pots out of newspaper and plant the seeds in March so they were ready to plant in May. One year I drew my different varieties and the ingredients to make pesto. I miss that and think I need to do that kind of thing again.

Some of the leaves in the neighborhood are starting to turn and fall off. Even little twigs with clusters of leaves. I picked some up the other day and decided to make a little limb bouquet and paint it. It was a challenge to draw the leaves. Great observation exercise.

I saw that Sharpie came out with a new package of very fine tip pens in pink, blue, peach and green. I tried out the pink one on my pink petunias. It was the brightest one of all of them and fun to work with.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Root Vegetable Drawing and Petunia Fabric

For the Spoonflower fabric contest this week the subject was "root vegetables" and I entered these that I drew in ink and watercolor. I remember eating a turnip once when I was a little girl and my grandparents let me try it. It is the last time I ate one... :) I do like all the other root veggies that I drew though. I've gotten more fond of vegetables over time.

Onions are fun to draw with their delicate layers and crinkled dry tops. I think I need to draw a purple onion, I love purple. It would be fun to do an onion study with all the different types of onions. Might try that...

Here is another collection of my fabric samples. Petunias, fuchsias and roses. I really made a lot this year. I joined Spoonflower in March and have so many samples to do something with now. I've been color coordinating them and will sew them this winter into something. I could make a very busy quilt...